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video, HDV, 18:52 min

The shown images are videostills and two images of the interview spot.

Based on an interview with Johnny Jaganath in Sankey Tank Park, Bangalore, March 2012

Johnny Jaganath is a 33 year old man, born, raised up and now working in Yelahanka, a suburb of Bangalore. I talked to him about a film script he recently wrote and which has got the name "In Time - Pt. 2". It is meant as a sequel of "In Time", a film, which was directed by Andrew Niccol (2011) and is starring Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfried.

But to keep it in a so called clear order: Johnny isn't a film maker, nor is he a writer. He is a software tester. And, he has got a long list of jobs he did, after getting a Bachelor in Engineering. That list is there, because he never wanted to be an engineer. Parents wanted that. Not only his parents, but almost all parents of that 30-something generation saw their children in international corporations and not enrolled in a traditional Physics Course or not so traditional Filming Class.

Johnny just did, what everybody did, when the internet connection reached his home and introduced YouTube, Wikipedia and Filesharing into his spare time. He made up connections, drew lines, got surprised, compared and found confidence to write down his little ideas revolving around physical rules, political conditions and filmic expressions. Most likely the film described in his script will never be produced, but in the course of writing he was able to express an own opinion to discuss about.

I cut the interview into a 18-min-long soundtrack and while listening to it, have been drawing the lines and worlds in Photoshop. Without a cut, in real time.

___Video, 18:52 min, Vimeo

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