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one third space [in process]<br><i>Sound, Images, Website</i>

one third space [in process]
Sound, Images, Website

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A process of creating a new space by exchanging video and sound material in-between Bangalore and Berlin started in April 2013 - and is still being developed and experimented with. Our tools are our smartphones and their video- and sound recording Apps. Simple, fast, almost invisible at spot.

_1_April 2013
I was shooting at one of three spots in Berlin (Spreefeld, East Side Gallery, construction site near Spittelmarkt). Each of it is contested in either real physical space or in news media. I sent the material to Bangalore via email and got sound material in return. The only rule was to shoot outside, to not cut and to not shoot some "soundtrack" for the images. On the website you can read through the material in lines. Image, Sound, Image, Sound. From left to right and from top to down. In cooperation with:
Archit Taneja, Prayas Abhinav, Mithun Jayaram, Clemence Barret

_2_June 2013
The experiment will be continued with one person in Bangalore, Archit Taneja, and me. Each of us will focus on one tiny space and reduce the movement of our tools. A question will surely be: What is the space like, which you can perceive in that chronological line-up? What are the traces of images and sounds creating by never being dubbed?

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