Where is it gone?
Can you read it?
I mean, can you see it somewhere inside?
Can it leave from here?

I don't want to find it at a place I don't know.
No, you can't find it, I promise.

But what is it telling you?
I can not read it.
But the machine can see the lines, isn't it?
Yes, the lines, sure!
So, please tell me about my lines?
The scanner reads in lines, I mean with lines, through lines.
But not your lines.

Will everybody know me by now?
No, I just want to screen it. No explanations.
Screening my future?
No, what do you mean with your future? Isn't it just inside yourself?
I just screen the lines the scanner recorded.
Yes, inside the lines. The machine knows me.
I dont think the lines represent anything, except the scanning method of the machine.
By shifting the lines inside your hand, bluring them with that linear lenses.

I don't want it to be read. Rather should it be erased.
Do you think you will loose your future?
Maybe the lines are silent?
Maybe the machine isn't as stupid as you assume? You shouldn't underestimate the internet.
I dont! But I will promise you with my signage, that I won't upload it anywhere.
Your signage?
Yes, handwritten. My name.